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If you want to participate in a music festival in the Spring, then you should contact your band or orchestra director.  Your director will provide you with an entry form and advise you on which festival your school will attend this year.  A generic PDF copy of the entry form is also available by clicking on the button below.

Entry Form

Please complete one entry form per performance and return it to your director along with the appropriate fee.  Only one member of an ensemble should submit an entry form and it should list all members of the ensemble.  Your director will enter your performance(s) on the website.

The fee for participation in a festival varies somewhat by district, but is about $10 for a solo and is less per person for an ensemble.  You will also have the cost of an accompanist if you need one.  The judge will need an original (not a photocopy) of your music with the measures numbered.  You may play from a photocopy of your music, but the photocopy must be destroyed at the conclusion of the festival.


Note: All accompanists should register online if they plan to accompany more than one performance.  Registration will serve as a check to see if the students being accompanied have properly listed their accompanist and will result in a more convenient schedule for the accompanist.