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1. How do I enter a festival?

Your Band or Orchestra Director will provide you with an entry form and tell you the date and location of the festival that your school will participate in this year.  Fill out this form and return it to your Director on or before the due date they give you.  After that, just find an accompanist and practice!  Everything else will be handled by your Director and they will let you know when your schedule has been posted to this website.

Because each district is unique, it is best to use the form provided by your Band or Orchestra Director but a generic PDF copy of the entry form is also available for reference by pressing the button below. 

Entry Form

2. Is it necessary that I have an accompanist?

Not all performances require piano accompaniment but any student performing a solo, or students performing in an ensemble must have an accompanist if the piece being performed requires one.  Such a student without an accompanist may be allowed to play, but will receive comments only from the adjudicator and no rating.  Recorded accompaniment is acceptable, as long as the performer brings any equipment necessary to play the recording, and can operate it himself/herself or has someone to operate it for him/her. 

See your music director or private teacher for help in finding an accompanist or press the button below to see a list of available accompanists.


3. When and where will the festivals occur?

The festivals occur each Spring but the exact dates vary by district and year.  In Fairfax and Arlington, the string festivals are held on a Friday afternoon and evening.  The band festivals are held all day on a Saturday.  In Loudoun County, both festivals occur on Saturday. The locations for the next festivals are shown on the home page.

4. How do I choose an approved piece of music?

The best places to get music recommendations are from your Director and private music teacher.  VBODA has posted a list of music on their website that you can use for reference.

5. Is there a limit to how many solos and/or ensembles I can participate in?

No.  Many students participate in multiple performances and we work hard to make sure you and your accompanist are not scheduled to be in more than one place at a time.

6. How much does it cost to participate?

The entry fee for each festival varies somewhat by district and year, but is around $15 for a solo and less per person for an ensemble.  Each school collects their own entry fees, so see your director for the details.  There is also the cost of an accompanist if you need one.

7. Can I give the judge a photocopy of the music?

No.  The judge must have an original with the measures numbered.  The student may play from a photocopy, but that photocopy must be destroyed at the conclusion of the festival.

8. Will the ratings of performances be posted on this website?

No.  The ratings will be posted at the festival as soon as they are available after each performance.  If you cannot wait to see your rating at the festival, then you can get it from your music director the next week.

9. Is there a dress code for the festival?

While there is no specific dress code for your performance, a clean professional appearance will convey your committment to and respect for the festival and everyone involved in making it a great experience for you.

For specific guidance, please talk to your Director.